Class Actions

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The decision to join or file a class action lawsuit involves complex issues. John W. Davis offers a great deal of experience in these matters and explains his clients’ options in clear language so that they can make informed decisions about which course of action will be best for them. If you believe that you may be a party to a class action, please contact us for a prompt response.

Organizations acting in a willful or negligent manner resulting in harm to consumers when the organization knew or reasonably should have known that the potential for harm exists face the possibility of class action lawsuits. A class proponent injured by this conduct will file a lawsuit on behalf of others similarly injured.

Once the court certifies the class, others injured may also join the class action. Class actions generally involve one or more of the following:

  • Charging illegal fees to boost profits that are deceptive or otherwise against the law
  • Intentional fraud specifically committed to deceive others by failing to provide goods and services, withholding information or other acts of malfeasance
  • Violating state and federal statutory laws that protect consumers’ rights
  • Breaches of contract by organizations that fail to honor a contractual obligation by engaging in unethical business practices
  • Copyright and intellectual property infringement
  • Many other situations where a party engages in negligent and harmful behavior

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