Business Litigation & Arbitration

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The Law Office of John W. Davis represents businesses and individuals in a wide range of industries. Attorney John W. Davis communicates with his clients in a timely, effective, and responsive manner and guides them through the confusing maze of business arbitration, litigation, and alternative methods of resolving disputes. He stresses the importance of client education so that his clients not only understand the issues at hand, but also so that they can make informed decisions throughout the judicial process. Further, Mr. Davis works with clients to identify and troubleshoot potential liability issues so that his clients can avoid the cost and disruption of business disputes.

The Law Office of John W. Davis represents clients in a variety of practice areas. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • » Shareholder issues
  • » Insurance claims
  • » Partnership disputes
  • » Unfair competition
  • » Business dissolution issues
  • » Breach of fiduciary duty
  • » Intellectual property disputes
  • » Professional negligence and malpractice
  • » Fraud
  • » Breach of contract
  • » Manufacturing claims
  • » Commercial lease disputes

If your company is facing commercial litigation or if you simply want to take a proactive stance against potential conflicts before they erupt and disrupt the performance of your business, please contact us for a timely reply.